Protester Wins $35k In Lawsuit Against Coweta County Police

March 18, 2021

We are proud to announce that Atlanta-area organizer and Atlanta Solidarity Fund beneficiary Daniel Hanley has prevailed against the Coweta County government in a lawsuit over his unlawful arrest. Daniel was violently arrested in April 2018 while protesting a Nazi rally in Newnan, GA. Thanks to the legal work of attorney Drago Cepar, Jr, Coweta County was forced to pay $35,000. Daniel is donating his share to other protesters who faced repression and to our fund to support future lawsuits.

From the moment Daniel was arrested, the Solidarity Fund was in action, ensuring that he would be bonded out, connecting him with counsel, and collecting evidence of police misconduct. However even after Daniel beat the absurd criminal charges he was facing, he wasn’t satisfied that justice had been done. With our support, he and Drago Cepar brought a lawsuit alleging that Coweta County police violated his right to protest and maliciously prosecuted him.

We are determined to back lawsuits like this because they advance our mission to protect the right to protest. When authorities abuse and repress protesters, it is not enough to point out their innocence. We must also point out that the authorities are guilty.